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Product Information

SizeMax is a masterpiece of penis extenders born after 5 years of Research & Development by overwhelming any other extenders on the market.

SizeMax is scientifically designed to enlarge shaft and girth, control premature ejaculation, and provide harder erections. SizeMax is an approved medical device which is designed to resolve men's complexes over size without surgery. SizeMax is patented worldwide and works without side effects.
Extend penis length
When you wear the SizeMax, the tissues of the penis are stimulated by continuous traction, causing cell replication and resulting in penis growth.

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Enlarge girth volume
When vacuum pressure is applied, blood flow results in expansion of the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. Repeated treatments will cause the tissues to expand, resulting in increased girth.

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Cure premature ejaculation
Vacuum pressure reduces nerve sensation, preventing premature ejaculation.

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